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Applications of CaCO3
Plastic & P.V.C Compound
Carpet Backing
Caulks and Sealants
Building Materials & Construction
Other uses of CaCO3
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Plastic Master Batche Grade
The plastics industry is the largest consumer of ground calcium carbonate. It is the major engineered filler used in plastics with more than 55 percent of the total mineral consumption. The majority of the calcium carbonate is consumed in polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoset polyesters and polyolefins. Calcium carbonate is widely used in the plastics industry for a variety of qualities: it has controlled whiteness, it improves impact strength, it aids in processing and acts as a heat sink in exothermic curing systems. It also reduces costs by replacing expensive plastic resins. Calcium carbonate-containing plastics are commonly found in shower stalls, commercial and residential floor tiles, bathroom sinks, pipe and conduits.
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