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Applications of CaCO3
Plastic & P.V.C Compound
Carpet Backing
Caulks and Sealants
Building Materials & Construction
Other uses of CaCO3
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About Savino Mining and Minerals
Savino Mining and Minerals is the brainchild of the founders of Savino Micron (India) Pvt Ltd, which was formed to minimize the main problem faced by the users of Calcium carbonate which is inconsistent quality and irregular supply of CaCO3.

Through years of experience we have identified that raw materials of different mines have different properties and quality and therefore with change in raw materials site, the quality of output changes adversely. And almost all CaCO3 manufacturers have multiple raw material suppliers due to which their end users stand at a loss.

SMM was formed purely to take care of these concerns of our clients. With our own set of Calcite mines, SMM is way ahead of its competition and is a boon to its clients as it can guarantee a smooth supply of CaCO3 with uniform quality batch after batch.
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